Precision is one of his favourite words. Precision in thought and actions is needed not only as a strategist, manager and entrepreneur, but as a cook who has set high standards for himself here as well – after the designing of brands and packaging, the secondmost passion of Andreas Unger.

In Person

With nearly 30 years of experience in brand consulting and design management, Andreas Unger is the “old hand” at REDPACK Brand Design. REDPACK is not the first agency he has founded. As far back as 1984 he was one of the founding fathers of Windi Winderlich Design. The agency group operating on a worldwide scale that emerged from that, even after two corporate renamings (first as Enterprise IG, then as Brand Union), still numbers among the top-flight addresses for brand design. As CEO Germany and Eastern Europe, Andreas Unger contributed decisively to a steadily growing success until 2005.
Andreas Unger thinks strategically and always works on a goal-oriented basis. For him, design is no purpose unto itself. In his world, strategy and creation constantly work hand-in-hand, because the success of a creative solution can be controlled only when that solution has been based on well-founded, reconstructible strategic deliberations. Within this process he is firmly convinced that strong ideas are simple, that they don’t need to be explained at length, that they affect the senses and fascinate people. That he is right about this is a fact that REDPACK Brand Design proves each and every day anew.