Bringing joy to household foil

Range relaunch household foil

The pely brand features a line of household foil and equivalent products consisting of 23 SKUs. Regrettably, the differentiation to the competitors and especially the own label brands was lacking. A new packaging presence was needed to communicate the extreme high quality and durability of this product ‘made in Germany’. REDPACK was assigned to assess the awareness of the brand within its environment and to create a subsequent visual identity. Initially, the brand logo had been redesigned to improve the brand presence and impact on the shelf. The navigation and the colour coding were reworked and supplemented by a set of icons to aid the customer in finding the product and performance benefits. Moreover, a stunning photography concept had been developed that communicates the designated use in modern colour blocking way.
The result is a powerful bold and simple, as well as, stylish design, which is fun and attracts even sophisticated consumer emotionally.