A strong presence for the regional hero

Range relaunch

The traditional private brewery Hoepfner, founded in 1798, comprises an assortment of 12 exceptional beer specialities. This award-winning brewery has high quality aspirations with a sustainable and manually operated production process. Hoepfner is aiming at a good balance between tradition and modernity; therefore, REDPACK had been assigned to redesign the brand presence. The project included the front labelling, as well as the caps and secondary packaging which are key to differentiation at the POS and cooling shelf. Redundant design elements were removed, and the Hoepfner castle – production plant for more than 100 years – had been brought back into the design. The brand typography, as well as, the unmistakeable hop-umbel were overworked. A differentiating colour coding system was created that helped the manageability of the range and the information-hierarchy.
The result is a unique, heritage-emphasising brand identity that strengthens the perception of Hoepfner being a regional premium brand.

REDPACK for Hoepfner Privatbrauerei