Cheese indulgence

Bonbel range relaunch

Bonbel, the high-selling French cheese range, has been the market leader within the mild, full-fat cheese products for many years. The ‘creamy’ subrange had been introduced subsequently and very successful, too, but was lacking a clear visual brand positioning. It neither differentiated within the range, nor from the competitors.
REDPACK had been assigned to redesign the primary, as well as the secondary packages for the entire range of 10 SKUs, and, moreover, hereby enable subsequent range extensions.
All packages obtained a clear information hierarchy. For the creamy range, the new colour coding is supported by a typographic repetition of the taste-traits. This clearly distinguishes the range within its retail environment and improves the long distance effect. In addition, an appetising photographic style has been developed that now shows the soft cheese within a loosely draped fruit assembly.
The result is an authentic, French identity, improving the appetite-appeal of the entire range.

REDPACK for Fromageries Bel