The Block House feeling

Relaunch retail products

The Hamburg based Block House brand was founded in 1968 as a single steak house grill. In the following years it has evolved into being a popular casual dining restaurant chain and has expanded largely throughout Germany and Europe. To maintain the high-quality standards, an assortment of food-service-companies has been established under the Block Group umbrella. This set of suppliers processes food-products for the Block House restaurants, as well as for other caterers and the retail. Products distributed under the Block House retail brand include sauces, meat produce and other foodstuff. They offer the same taste experience, that helped the restaurants become so popular. REDPACK had been assigned with improving the visual identity and bringing it more in-line with the brand. The objective was to create a consistent appearance, which carries the atmosphere from the premises to the supermarket-shelf. The design-system had to be adjusted according to the demands of the shelf- and freezer-displays. Reducing the complexity of the elements greatly helped to improve the information-hierarchy, the differentiation and the shelf-impact.
The result is a powerful design, that reinforces the Block House brand at the POS, while differentiating it from the competitors.

REDPACK for Block Foods AG