The Queen of Table Waters

Export relaunch

The iconic red triangle of the Apollinaris brand exists in the market since 1892, hence is one of the oldest trademarks of modern times. Supported by the claim “Queen of Table Waters”, the brand awareness of Apollinaris is more the 90%, unfortunately, the consumer acceptance lags behind the high recognition. The positioning as a German premium mineral water had to be strengthened on an international level by clearing the diffuse visual brand identity. REDPACK was briefed to develop a new front- and back-of-pack label design for the export variants Selection, Silence and Big Apple in 0,33 and 1 liter. The logo embossing on the bottleneck had to be replaced by a label because of technical issues, whereby it was key to maintain the premium perception. The result is a unique high-value appearance, which preserves the brands authenticity. It meets the demands of discerning consumers without loosing the daily use relevance.

REDPACK for Apollinaris